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Stick to what you’re good at!!

July 18, 2012

Now most of us have seen The Office remake. This was a brave step for American sit com writers but they seem to have made a fair success of it without completely trashing a beautifully British concept.

Then came the Skins remake. After proving very difficult to find online available to watch in the UK, I decided that whilst in America I would see how the American’s had painted a different picture for their younger generation. After reading numerous articles on how the original British series scared America to death with it’s taboo story lines, I was surprised to see that there was absolutely no attempt to change the Skins concept in the slightest, not even the script. Each character vaguely resembled it’s English original and every line and camera angle was close to identical. Unfortunately, I don’t think the scandalous teen drama did so well over there, as, let’s face it, America does all it can to protect it’s youth from the inevitable. Although looking at child stars like Miley Cyrus, they didn’t do a very good job of protecting.

Now we come to the most disgusting crime against British comedy, a US remake of The Inbetweeners. (Click here to view trailerThe Inbetweeners has been everything that is British secondary school, and now the American’s want to come along and spew jocks and cheerleaders all over our beautifully constructed piss take of teenage boys. From what I have seen in the trailer, they seem to have taken a similar approach to remaking the series as they did with Skins. But wait, they have only gone and Americanised it. It makes. Me want. To vom.

Before I go trashing it too hard, I’m sure it would be funny if it was an original, but there is something about the American jokes that just don’t have the same dry, sarcastic humour that I so dearly love.

Please America, I beg you, when it comes to sarcasm and swearing, it sounds so much better with a British accent. You may have brought me Desperate Housewives and Lucky Charms, but please, oh please, leave the comedy to us Brits!

‘The Inbetweeners’ USA trailer provokes angry fan response


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