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Kony 2012 – The Mass Media Fashion Trend

Number one trend on Twitter, shared by millions over Facebook, but why has it taken this long?

A lot of bad things occur in the world we live in. Being born into such privileged societies is taken for granted by most, but are people really willing to act strongly on Kony 2012, or is it just like any other big story; by tomorrow it will be forgotten?

Articles for and against the Kony movement are cropping up daily, maybe even by the hour. There are claims that the charity, Invisible Children, only use a small percentage of donations to actually helping the people in danger, and the rest of the money goes towards to salaries and film business of it’s organisers.

If something as horrific as this has been going on, why has it taken eight years to bring it Global justice?

I, for one, am very disturbed by the things Kony has been doing. But bad things happen in the UK as well. It’s why we have charities such as the NSPCC or organisations such as Comic Relief, but I have a small inkling that they are using the concept of the world ending on December 31st 2012, to encourage the masses to join in. Acting as if this is a last chance. My reasoning for this is how the video expires on December 31st 2012.

This video is just proof of how social media has completely changed the world we live in. It supports every theory there is as the audience as a mass and how we are influenced even more in numbers.

Before you start donating your money away to this newly trending and may I say ‘fashionable’ charity, just ask yourself why you are doing it?

Because your best friend sent you the link? Because you feel bad? Because you feel this is your last chance to make a difference? You can make a difference everyday and it seems irresponsible that people have only chosen today by influence.

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