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A/W 13/14 Stay one step ahead!

In the past couple of weeks Brits have been indulging in the beautiful weather that has been burning and browning our bodies, but what happens when the sun goes away and our crops get too chilly and shorts too skimpy? Here are my predictions for that cruel transition from Summer to Autumn.

Push those pedals!

When I was 10 years old, I insisted my mum buy me the same pedal pushers as my older sister; just as skinny jeans experienced “the turn up” last winter, I think pedal pushers will be the old-new way to show off those tanned and toned calfs without getting too chilly in those September breezes.


Long and lengthy

Every year, one particular style of coat climbs its way to the top of every winter collection. This autumn I believe we may be seeing length take the lead just as longer dresses and skirts have stayed on top for summer! More is less and don’t forget it!

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 15.17.33

In terms of shoes…

….we usually revert back to that same sturdy pair of boots that keep out those Autumn showers, but maybe this year opt for a nice pair of tan ankle high cowboy boots. Not only are this kind of shoe practical but they look great with floral skirts and dresses, meaning you can bare that beaming tan for a little bit longer. A traditional Tennessee fashion that won’t put a foot wrong.


Whatever the trend, don’t forget to check the tips on how to turn those one season wonders into all-year-round statements.

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