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Put that spring back into your step! – Spring 2013 Fashion

Despite the bipolar weather we have been having, rain, sunshine, SNOW, I am optimistic for a sunny spring so we can put away the big fur coats and unpack those light weight cardis and denim jackets!

It would seem the crop won’t stop giving great looks all year round. The hipster 90s are trending harder than One Direction and despite a chilly transition from winter to spring, girls are cracking out those midriffs, but what is new with the crop? Well, it would seem the jersey tee crop combines casual and cute to be worn on a night out or just lazing around the house. The crop jumper is also a must-have. I purchased a couple in sales last year and even got some winter use out of them, but they act as the perfect layer to keep out the March winds whilst not obscuring your high-waist taste.




The next big thing is another reminiscent, but is less Fresh Prince of Bel Air and more Marvel madness, as cartoons take to the top, and printed on dresses…..skirts….pretty much anything. I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of the “pop”, “boom”, “bang” cartoon style patterns that Topshop are releasing but they are certainly eye catching if you have a few bumpy bits that need a distraction.


Another seductive wonder is the mid-length skirt or dress. Longer bodycon clothes are coming in and they are HAWT! The concept of cover up may be just the right thing this spring as the style flatters most figures by giving the impression of elongation, without creating stumpiness that some maxi dresses can have.


These are just a few things coming up that I imagine will be progressing and becoming more popular by the summer. Keep praying girls, you’ll be able to wear those short and no tights soon….but not yet.

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