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#ReasonToRun – Why I’m running the London Marathon 2017?

March 7, 2017


I was cycling home this evening – anyone that knows me is well aware of the fact I will cycle anywhere and everywhere despite the fact I have a perfectly good car – and something dawned on me; I failed my cycling proficiency test the first time.

Back in the day, Primary school children were taught how to cycle safely; hand signals, the right kit to wear and so on. I think they need to bring these back as cycling is an invaluable skill and there are so many idiots and fair weather cyclists on the road, that an exam would do a world of good, anyway, that’s besides the point. I failed the first cycling proficiency test – me! Someone who will happily ride along a busy road no fuss.

This brings me onto a similar matter. As you have probably guessed by now, I am running the London Marathon and I’ll get onto why in just a second. However, people usually ask me, “How did you get into running?”, “How long have you been running for?” and, in all honesty, the first time I stepped onto a road to run was around March 2015 and before then I hated the idea of publicly humiliating myself in such a cruel fashion.

When I was in school, I dreaded cross country. I could barely run a few laps of the school tarmac courts – my friend had to help me round one time by singing with me. She lent me a very useful piece of advise that day as well, singing (or lip-syncing) helps you to control your breathing, and to this day I run along lip-syncing to my music, which also helps to put me in a better mood and focus on something else!

I would get cruelly tricked into running the 1500km every sports day (less than a mile) and every year I suffered! Even when I joined a gym at uni I refused to get on the treadmill and when my friend finally convinced me, I insisted I would walk to a point and run very briefly before making a quick exit.

I basically sucked at running. I hated running. No running.

Even cycling, which I’m hugely passionate about, I wasn’t great at but the thing that pushes me to do what I do now is not just the satisfaction, the feeling, put all that aside, it’s the fact that I can.


The charity I am running for is Phab Kids. Phab help children and adults with and without disabilities make more of a life together, but why is this important and why is it a reason to run?

I am lucky enough that I have two working legs, two working arms and a perfectly fit and healthy body to connect all the pieces together, so why wouldn’t I run? If the day came where I lost the use of any of my body parts, I can at least say “I did”.

I did run.

I did walk.

I did cycle.

There are people where a simple trip to the corner shop is a challenge, so why would I drive there when I can walk or cycle?

There are people where simply getting out of bed can’t be managed alone, so why wouldn’t I push myself to get out of bed and make the most of the day, the fresh air and the entire world around me?

So I’ll keep this short, as I think you get my point. I may not love running but I can run. I may not be the fastest, have the best form or be the fittest, but I can bloody well have a go. My #ReasonToRun is, quite simply, because I can.

So get yourself a pair of trainers and get outside – and I’ll see you at the finish!


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