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Blondie to Ombre!

As a child I was a natural blonde, but as I have gotten older my hair has gotten darker. I continue to dye my hair blonde but the ammonia is damaging, it’s costly if I want to get it done right, not to mention I have to travel home and the roots are just tacky and unsightly. I decided maybe it’s time to go darker to a light blonde rather than dark blonde but rather than lose all my blonde at once, I thought I would keep the ends blonde to give my hair that dip dyed effect, so here’s how.


I went to Asda to buy myself some dye. I chose Garnier Nutrisse Nourising colour foam, reduced to £5 at the moment too, so it was a bargain! Using the mousse meant less mess as I had to dye my hair in my student bedroom but I still managed to get it on my bed sheets!

So it’s very easy, start by colouring from the roots, avoid running the dye through your hair to the tips, stick to the roots.

Once you’ve covered the roots, ensuring you have gone under your hair, e.g. lifted up layers to reach all your roots and not just the top of your head, leave the dye for just a couple of minutes. After that, continue to work the dye through your hair but make sure you leave the ends dry with NO dye, it is up to you how much hair you want left blonde. I also ran a hairbrush quickly through my hair just to help the colour to look blended.

If you are like me and scared of going darker, don’t leave the dye on for the full 30 minutes. I started timing from the moments I started applying the dye and still only left it on for 25 minutes. Because you are going from light to dark, the colouring process will be very easy.

So this is a picture of me before I dyed my hair.

2013-02-12 08.38.12


And here is the after results.

2013-02-12 10.43.08Have fun colouring 😀


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  1. I like it!! It looks good. xx

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