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The final countdown – Training for the London Marathon 2017

April 9, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve logged an entry and a lot has happened since the last one.

About four weeks ago I set off on an 18 mile run from Bristol to Bath and I did it! However, at mile 16 something in my ankle felt off, but I continued as it was only two miles left and I needed to get to Bath in order to get a train back.

The next day I had a netball tournament for charity in London. With a 5:15am coach booked and paid for, I was still going to take part, but this was where I made a huge mistake. My ankle didn’t feel great but I was walking fine. We played a match in total over the course of the day – not a lot but this meant periods of not warming up or cooling down properly. By the end of the day I was limping and it felt uncomfortable.

Next day was a usual Monday so netball training in the evening. Again, big mistake. I normally listen to my body and walk instead of run and so on, but this time I completely ignored it.

Thankfully I had a podiatry appointment on Tuesday and my physiology booked the following week and had caused myself an injury – Tibilias Posteria Strain to be exact. This particular injury was from fatigue; working too hard and not listening when my body told me to take it easy.

It resulted in taking time off of exercise and taping up, however, me being me I continued to cycle as it was the only thing I was allowed to do! I just about recovered from the limping in time for the Reading Half Marathon and still managed a sub-2 hour time of 1:55! With immediate rest, ice, compression and elevation I’m now back to my old self. Although a dodgy knee and tight tendon on my ankle means I need to be stricter than ever in the next two weeks!

I’ve drawn up a final two week training plan and now tapering. I achieved my goal of a 22 mile run and 10k fasting run before work so I deserve a wind down!

With £179 left of my target, I’m also hoping that hitting this before the marathon is within reaching distance!

With two weeks to go though, maranoia is setting in. This is the fear that anything and everything will go wrong in the timing leading up to and the day of the marathon. Perfectly common in many first time marathoners but it also means you become a hypochondriac to every tiny ailment.

One minute it’s my knee, then it’s my hip, my calf, everything! But I’ve put together a training plan with plenty of rest days and one last massage before the big event.

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