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Sneak preview of A/W 2012

This year Great Britain will probably have the briefest summer for a while, but being Brits that hasn’t got us down. With some beautiful sunny weather back in May, I think we are all praying that the sun is holding out until September! But every drop of rain is already preparing us for the Autumn trends.

After a fad of crop tops, tight tops, belly’s out and short shorts, looks like fashion might be contrasting itself to the maximum. Baggy, oversized tees are looking like the way forward but not in the way flattering.  As we are still in festival season the mac is back and powering it’s way through the rain. It looks like this could be an autumn of garish patterns and the classic granddad big knit cardi, which is not only fashionable but perfectly practical when the autumn winds kick in. All in all, it looks like long tops and jackets will be draping our bodies to keep us warm for winter.

BUT when coming to flattering your body shape, it doesn’t look like there will be much of a chance for it with all these over sized tees and cardigans, but remember to try your best to dress for your body shape.

Every woman that is blessed with those voluptuous curves, don’t forget to invest in a thick or thin belt that nips you in at the waist to give your body shape. Despite being a very old fashion tip, it still hasn’t gone out of style and works brilliant over a cardigan or a top.

All you girls with your skinny pins and dainty frames don’t try to drown yourselves in knit. You too can have a figure. Try mixing a loose flowing knee length, high waist skirt with a tight top, to create the illusion of fuller hips.

But not all is lost for that summer wardrobe! Don’t be afraid to crack out the tights and shorts and pretend like the rain never came! As Brits we are very optimistic, having already seen plenty of flip floppers in the plip plopping rain!

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