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How America Made Me Fat.

As most of my friends and family know, I spent 4 months of my gap year travelling the world and 2 of these months were spent in the fast food indulgent country of the United States of America.

As a child, I have always had a high metabolism and eaten well, despite the occasional fat fest or comfort eat. But when I went to America, I proved exactly what Morgan Spurlock was trying to prove in Supersize Me – How America has managed to become so obese!

Being a traveller I had low funds, and the constant moving around meant I couldn’t buy perishable foods. This meant snacking on dry foods such as cereal, to be specific, Lucky Charms and Pop Tarts. I also took advantage of the convenience and most importantly, cheap aspect of fast food.

With no exaggeration, I was having a McDonalds, or some other kind of fast food, once, twice and very rarely, but sometimes three times a day. I developed the habit of purchasing a burger, chicken burger and fries for just $3, this is about £2.

I stayed with a wonderful family in Atlanta, Georgia, and tried a food called potato pizza. It basically has a layer of potato inside of tomato sauce, and despite it being very nice, you could see what it is that is causing the weight gain throughout the country.

When I reached New York, I realised how bad my weight gain was. I started eating Sushi and drinking more water, but it wasn’t until I weighed myself and compared photos of myself before I left home, that it really hit me.

I had gained over a stone on my American diet and when I came to University, I wasn’t ready to watch more weight pile on through cheap Tesco Value food and booze.

I started slimming my meals down. Rather then filling up on red meats I was eating fish with steamed vegetables and pasta. A very boring meal plan, granted, but I watched as the pound gradually began to slim off.

I also started drinking green tea and despite a momentary lapse over Christmas, I am back to eating well. Admittedly, I do still enjoy a tasty Yates burger, but I have had a mere three trips to McDonalds since September.

I have around 2-4 hours of exercise a week and do regular crunches and stomach exercises whilst watching TV. It may not sound like much but in the five months since I started University I have gone from weighing 10 stone to a slimmer 8 stone 13 pounds.

If you too are struggling to lose weight and want to understand in further detail how I managed my American detox, just fill in the form below and I will be glad to answer any questions.

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