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After starting my blog in late February, I have finally hit my 1000th view! For most bloggers this is a moment they will experience early on in their blogging life, but I seem to be just a late bloomer.

I have been posting, on average, 3 blog posts a month, which isn’t many when you surf the net at other blogging sites. Cooking blogs or life blogs seem to attract the attention as people just want to know or have something to read; writing a review blog has proven difficult to find things that can reach out and encourage people to look at. The other difficulty is getting the first look at something, which is very rare in the case of a non-established critic like myself.

Either way, I want to thank every googler out there who has taken the time to find out why my blog popped up on their search and who has also taken the time to read it. Everyday I am getting 2-50 views from people around the globe, which has a total variation of 28 different countries!

I am pleased to know that my opinions are reaching people on a global scale and I hope you can all find the time to pass my blog on to the next person who might find some of my reviews an interesting read.

Keep calm and carry on….blogging!

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