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Gare with Flare and Crops back on Top! – Winter 2012

Every season we watch as the old is laid to rest in high street sales and the new is given life in store windows. As a Topshop addict I want to help you work what you can afford and what will be number one this winter.

So it seems Topshop haven’t moved far from my last blog, baggy is big but not good for your body. One of my current favourites is the skater skirt. Suiting any body shape it works best sat on your waistline. Those that are slender, give yourself a figure with a tight hugging crop or tee. If you are top heavy, try to wear something with a softer fabric, something that almost waterfalls off your top half rather than clings.

There doesn’t appear to be any new styles, like the now famed mullet skirt but it seems that Topshop are sharing the gare with patterns to make your eyes burn, but don’t be afraid, they can work wonders on the right person.

The trick with garish patterns is to know how to dress for your shape. Anything with stripes can go horribly wrong, for example, horizontal stripes are like the Omen of patterns, it is rare to see someone who looks good working this. Vertical stripes however work well on short, slim figures as they elongate your body.

You can also use shocking patterns to distract from unsightly lumps and bumps. A lantern dress with an eye-catching pattern will hide those spare tires whilst giving the illusion of sexy curves rather than slumpy bumps. Sometimes the best look is when you just throw a mix of random patterns together, obviously not too random as it helps if the colours mildly co-ordinate, but don’t be afraid to break away from the plain Jane.

This season should be all about working and more importantly loving the way you look and learning to flatter yourself underneath all those layers that keep out the cold!

If you want hints and tips for yourself in particular, don’t be afraid to email me

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