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Top 5 back seat but upfront sitcom characters

July 17, 2012

E4 sells it’s soul to the American sit com, so I decided to make a list of my favourite five characters (whilst trying to avoid protagonists) from recently or currently airing American sit coms that I have written reviews on. So here goes….

1.   Dalia – SuburgatoryPlayed by Carly Chaikin

After only very recently making it’s comic debut on E4, I have still managed to have nearly finished the series as it has already aired in the states and Dalia is definitely a character I have enjoyed watching develop, or in her case, regress in intelligence.

Not witty but certainly packing a punch with her comic lines, Dalia is popular, spoilt and not the brightest spark. Her ‘non-sensicle’ moments of hilarity give the program it’s humour that I can only compare to the mind boggling strangeness of Family Guy.

2.   Schmit – New Girl – Played by Max Greenfield

New Girl has certainly proven to be a successful endeavour after introducing it to us Brits, currently airing the second part to a loved first series. The most important thing to note about Schmit’s character is that we all know one, a classic case of “it’s funny cause it’s true.”

With his sexual ways and douchey lines, Schmit is a character I can laugh about over and over. His character may be a bit of an ass at times, and even a bit of a pig, but everyone of us that knows a guy like him will love him for it too.

3.   Han Lee – Two Broke Girls – Played by Matthew Moy

Bringing forth another success story for the American sit com over here in the UK, Two Broke Girls  has so many brilliant characters that I could continue to praise the writers for, but instead I have decided to place two of the smaller, lesser know roles in 3 and 4.

Han is probably the most adorable Western wanna be I have ever seen in a sit com. With his chubby cheeks and Max’s constant racist remarks, you can’t help feel sorry for this squat little Asian just trying to fit in!

4.   Earl – Two Broke Girls – Played by Garrett Morris

Receiving his own dramatic, life threating episode in the series of Two Broke Girls, you can’t help but have a spot saved in your heart for Earl.

Earl seems to represent every soul singing, dirty Grandpa that still survives in the US, and God bless his soul for his catchy charm and laugh-out-loud yet modest humour that he brings to the role.

5.     Brittany – Glee Played by Heather Morris

Currently working on it’s fourth series, Glee, has had more success than anyone could have dared to imagine when it first aired. Calling itself a

Scrubs meets High School Musical” comedy, I wasn’t so keen on the idea, but have certainly warmed to it.

Brittany S. Pearce tends to take a back seat during most of the programme and during song numbers, but her dancing talents aren’t one to give a miss. Her light-headed personality gives the opportunity for some cleverly constructed yet dumber than ever, comic punch lines.  She certainly doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to laughs


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