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Here Comes the Sun…Top Summer Tips for all Body Shapes

Summer is on its way, which means it’s time to start styling for the sunny weather. I have a slim figure, so I am sorting myself out with plenty of high waisted bottoms and an array of cropped tops! But all is not lost for you girls with voluptuous curves.

If you normally feel more bulk than beauty then have no fear, you can still work what you have without hiding under baggy hoodies.

The skater girl dress is a must have basic for any girl afraid of her figure. Huggable at the top boasts optimum sexiness for those big busts or slightly less blessed chests. Having a loose fit bottom creates femininity whilst hiding any lumps and bumps that you don’t want showing.

For those who are a little shorter and excuse my language, ‘dumpier’ than most, the maxi dress is a true investment. Casual by day or glam it up with some big bangles and heels at night, the long dress elongates any figure. The maxi mullet skirt is another that lengthens body and even leg, but this is for the braver babe who isn’t afraid to flash a fair bit of thigh.

For any slim girls who also want more length, embrace the high waist. Topshop has a huge variety of high waisted shorts this summer, although have been said to be a fair bit shorter this year than other years.

The high waist will give the illusion that your legs start higher. If you are slightly more top heavy, then invest in baggy tops or baggy crop tops to prevent yourself from looking too frumpy up top. For those skinny pin girls, get yourself some fitted crop tops and don’t be afraid to flash a little belly. If you have got it, FLAUNT IT! But NO belly buttons, they are tacky and just unnecessary.

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