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Skins Returns – But Is It A Good Thing?

February 10, 2012
On 23rd January 2012, Channel 4 brought back their Bristol-based teen drama, Skins.  People thought the world would end in 2012, in this case, it did.
Every year Skins brings us the troubles that teenagers are facing every day, or so we think. The program is more like teen life blown out of proportion.
There are the few poor souls who spend away their youth earnings on drugs and alcohol, but it always fascinates me how as the series has moved on, the students of Roundview College seem to do less work and more drugs.
In the first two series we saw the students deal with believable problems, and at the end, we saw them open their exam results together whilst mourning the death of their best friend.
Skins 6th series took a slightly different approach this year by opening with their summer piss-up and how things took a turn for the worst and endangered one of the characters.
As each new cast is revealed, the acting seems to get worse and worse, and the actors are chosen primarily based on a particular ‘look’. Soon they will be holding more auditions to find the less talented but better-looking teens of Bristol.
The far-fetched plots could work well, as they do seem to tackle issues that face the teenagers of today. Some of the scripts are even written by teenagers, which work well as it feeds more background into the plot.
The continuous use of drugs and the random raves, gives the rest of the country the impression that Bristol is the city to be for a rebellious teen. This isn’t so much the case. It does occur from place to place in the Bristol area, but where are the more intimate issues, family relationships? A Levels? Etc.
There are still a few more episodes to come, so we will have to find out if the writers, and actors, can redeem themselves.

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