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Not so Fun-draising – Training for the London Marathon

February 26, 2017

I feel like I haven’t got much to write about this week considering I haven’t been able to do a long run as my weekend was fully booked and my physio cancelled on me so now I’ll be cutting things fine with an appointment a week before the marathon!

Training isn’t a top concern right now. Despite some niggles, I’ve been getting out there and hit the 5 mile mark for a fasting run before work, which will soon hit a 10km (I hope). My real issue right now is fundraising, so I’ll keep it short out sweet.


How do people get so many donations? I’ve been running pub quizzes, online raffles and baking every week for work! I failed twice at organising a netball tournament because my network isn’t big enough. I don’t have kids so I can’t organise a school disco or something (those really rake in the pounds!) so I’m about 56% of my target with offline donations included but with only two months to go!

So I call upon you! The general public. Please comment or send me your ideas to

OR better yet, every little helps, so if you could help me out by donating anything, no matter how big or small, I would be very appreciative! –

Next week I will give a full and thorough update!


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