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Fluid, flu and physio – Running the London Marathon 2017

February 19, 2017

This blog was written over the course of the weekend.

I’ve decided I can no longer drink.

Now don’t be fooled by the cliche decision to give up alcohol as a form of protest to my body in an attempt to get fitter. I have become less and less of a drinker since training but really because I will plan drinking around a long run, and with non-running Saturdays consisting of netball, the next morning where I have to be on top form, I only have a small handful of evenings where I can “go hard or go home”. So naturally, I go home.

My body can’t physically tolerate booze. I don’t feel dizzy, I just feel unwell. A glass of wine gave me a headache on Friday night and when ever I eat with a drink I just go to bed feeling sick, full, bloated, the lot!

I used to love a glass of wine on a Friday; that comfortable feeling you get where it starts to set in and you feel calm and relaxed, but not any more! Booze is my kryptonite, so I’m thinking of going full blown t-total until after the marathon. Thoughts? Has anyone else given up alcohol for a period longer than a month (as I often go a month rarely touching a drop of wine)?

But on another note, my physical fitness. 

I’m currently writing this with the hopes of doing 20 miles on Sunday, so it will be interesting to see what happens. Although knowing me, if I set my mind to something I can’t not do it!

I’m in bed with a lot of pain running from the inside of my thigh into my knee. It pulls, twitches, strains. My left leg seems to have gotten a better deal with some dull shooting pains in my kneecap, but what’s causing all this?

I’ve been running with support shoes for coming up to two months, could this be the cause? The rise created in the arch of my foot where it is normally more comfortably planted to the floor? Or is it my intention heel strike motion? A continuous stretching of the hamstring that is having a knock-on effect with the rest of my leg?

Current state of mind for 20 mile run:

Feeling brave (25%) – I’ll need to take it easy and not hurt myself

Mildly scared (2%) – As a runner, you naturally feel concerned about injury so fear comes without saying.

Ready to smash it and get that ‘gloating’ feeling (77%) – There’s nothing better than finishing a run, so I’ll enjoy my weekend until then. I will update my blog following my run so it will be interesting to see my change of emotion!

The run

When you’re putting on vapour rub on before a 20 mile run you have to ask whether you’re right in the head. I then proceeded to pop two very strong cold and flu relief tablets but now here I am. Lying in bed on a Sunday evening having run 20 miles. Not my best pace admittedly and not one I’m particularly proud of, but I can be proud of my distance and sheer self-motivation to get outside and keep pushing despite the pain.

Hello bum!

I read something very interesting in Don’t Stop Me Now the other night, the runners book I’m currently reading by Vassos Alexander. He mentions his physic that he went to see, one of the best, and asked the question ‘Why do you get me to stand on one leg?’It then talks about gluteal/abdominal stability in your leg allowing your pelvis to remain stable.

I’ve had around 4 weeks worth of pain in my right inside leg from my pelvis and when I went for a sports massage the therapist said I need to activate my glutes in order to avoid lower back pain. This morning, before 3 hours and 20 minutes of exercise I did just this and, it’s as if by magic, no lower back pain.

Normally I’m like and old person, bending over and making noises every time I get up and down, but today, not a thing!

Listen to the advice people give you, but it’s ok to listen to more than one person. I’ve been combining the advice of three different professionals but I’ve still got a long way to go! 9 weeks! Bring it on!


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