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85 days to go – Running the London Marathon 2017

January 27, 2017

I really should have started this blog sooner, as I’ve essentially been training for the London marathon 2017 since August 2016! But now is the final countdown and where things get intense.

However, in my honest opinion it’s not the training I’m struggling with. I get out of bed at 5:40am twice a week and am currently pushing at just over a 4 mile fasting run with a long run most weekends which is slowly being increased (tomorrow is looking like 15 miles!). It’s the fundraising which is getting me down and proving a real struggle.

I have nearly reach half way of my target, but with 3 months to go, the pressure is setting in. I’ve run three pub quizzes making around £280 – not too shabby – and sold cake in my office on a weekly basis which has probably made around £200-£250, but the constant begging of my friends and colleagues is even getting on my nerves!

I’ve got some more ideas in tow but let’s focus on the running part as I imagine that’s what most of you will be here to read about (but please comment if you want to hear more about my fundraising challenge).

My Training Plan

In short, I haven’t actually followed an official plan. Admittedly, I have taken advice from various blogs including the official Virgin Money London Marathon website. Of course running is a huge factor into your training plan, but I just think, if you aren’t enjoying it then what’s the point so I’ve found other ways to kick up my fitness without running and damaging my body constantly.

Every week….

I am pretty good at getting into a routine, so here it is:


AM: Gym session for strength or sometimes a rest if it’s been a tough weekend

PM: Two hours of netball training (sometimes a netball match)


AM: Fasting and interval training run. Currently 4 miles is a minimum but building to 5 in which I take an energy tablet before hand.

PM: Tap or Zumba – Dancercise is a fun way to get fit and mixes up my week.


AM: Usually a rest but sometimes a gym session for strength.

PM: Spin class or rest (depending on if I gymed in the morning, in which I will rest)


AM: Fasting and interval training run. Same approach as my Tuesday running of building to 5 miles and eventually a 10k before work.

PM: Yoga currently to stretch out my muscles but can sometimes be an hour of Back to Netball.


REST DAY – Although sometimes a bit more walking or a tiny bike ride (3-6 miles)


On some Saturdays I have a netball match, in which I will focus my energy on that. On the Sunday of my matches I will get out on my bike to do a 30 mile (minimum) ride or long walk (8-10 miles).

On the weeks I have no netball, I will get a long run in on the Saturday and stretch it our with a nice bike ride on the Sunday (or the gym is the weather is poor).


My running problems…

I guess the main reason I have decided to post a few blogs highlighting the final months leading up to the big day is because I had to start seeing a physio on account of the leg pains I was getting during a long run.

Turns out, I’m flat footed and have been doing a lot of things wrong over the last couple of years.

I have wore neutral shoes with no support, I land on the centre of my foot (which I think has developed from netball) instead of a solid heelstrike, and my calves are tight and excruciatingly painful to relax when getting a deep tissue massage.

I am currently undergoing treatment for my flatfooted problems, including seeing a podiatrist so watch this space for my progress!

Happy running!


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