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Every Pedal Counts!

January 1, 2015

Screenshot 2015-01-01 15.44.34
Every time I do something for charity, I have to beg people to sponsor me – that’s not how it should work!

I’ve never been too proactive myself when it comes to sponsoring people’s charity work, but I will go out to sponsor friends, even if it is just a pound – although I try to spare a little more.

All you read about in social media these days are these astonishing stories of homeless people or unfortunate families who may perform a simple act of kindness and suddenly, the world is raising £10,000 for them. It restores our faith in humanity, so I am asking all my readers to help me.

I understand I don’t have a wealth of following on my blog, but I have been very lucky in life. I have only lost grandparents, my family are well, I have a job, good friends, no real health problems; my life is just peachy. Henceforth I want to use this blessing and cycle plentiful to help raise money for those who aren’t as lucky.

Click here to sponsor me! I am doing two main bike rides – the Tour de Bristol and Blackrat Cycle Race, a 75km and 80km.

If I can hit the £500 mark, I will request ideas for a challenge. Any challenge as decided by the public and complete it – Maybe I’ll have to get a haircut, or do an even longer bike ride? Who knows. But for now, please start sponsoring me. If each person who visits my blog donates a £1, I’ll have the money in no time.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!


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