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Why is ‘Youtube Complaints 2014’ so funny?

October 9, 2014

Now some people may see this as a really funny video because, well, it is. However, the ideas that the humour stems from stands on very realistic grounds that also raise very current debates about the world of online interaction and digital media.

I could quite easily sit here and analyse every last detail of the brilliance of this sketch-style video, but that will bore even myself, so instead, I am going to pick on the key point that this video so wonderfully identifies.

It’s a subjectively long video, but I recommend watching it all the way through. It not only incorporates jokes that recognise the obsessive culture we are living in but also the simple-mindedness of the modern YouTuber.

The short opens with a bit that can be translated to any online platform: We are bombarded, daily, with requests to sign up for networks before we can browse content sufficiently. Even outside of the internet, we are being pestered at every turn to sign up for loyalty cards, which bother us with weekly updates and newsletters that most of the time we just simply ignore (but please click here to learn a bit more about effective customer outreach).

It later addresses the density of the current youth, with their lack of engagement in more worldly things beyond video games and ‘walkthroughs’ (see 6:17). Similarly, a skit previous to this addresses how easy it is to engage with viewers by producing content that is really quite bland (see 5:47).

In summary, this post is not only funny but identifies significant characteristics of the digital online generation. The youths of today spend a lot of time engaging with content that has barely any depth, but what does this mean for those producing the content?

It means that if you are just one person trying to make an Internet name for yourself you will have to find your own unique way to connect to the majority audience out there, which, unfortunately, does require dumbing down your content or maybe not making it as creative as you’d like – all a bit of a shame really. If you are a company or business trying to connect with a younger generation of YouTube addicts, you should first ask yourself, is this my target audience? If not, go somewhere else. Vimeo is filled with interesting content, it just so happens that YouTube is the original and therefore people will instantly refer to it for digital content.

However, if you don’t agree with my analyse you should still watch the video, it’s pretty funny!

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