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Why is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

September 29, 2014


In this current age of technology and social media, there is a distinct trend in the growing popularity of photography and image sharing.

The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus boast a camera that has all the quality of an overly expensive DSLR with the ease and sleek design of an iPhone.

Social media is a main benefactor of how simple it is to take, edit and then share a photo or short film with popular networks such as Instagram, Vine, Vimeo and Snapchat overtaking the social networking world, but why is this?

Statistics show that a Tweet embedded with an image is much more likely to attract engagement and retweets. Similarly, I have found that sharing my blog through the medium of Instagram is also proving beneficial. It is because of the connection an image gives that text simply doesn’t.

We all know the saying – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ – Well it’s very true and extremely relevant. Snapchat as a means of social interaction is used much more than Whatsapp despite it’s smaller user base. This is most likely because sending a message to a friend about how rubbish your day was can be expressed so much more realistically if you take a grumpy selfie to go with it. Do you follow?

Businesses should be making it their goal to engage more with consumers using the personal element of an image. Getting involved with networks such as Instagram is all it takes, as this instantly gives you the options of photos, editing and videos all on one platform.

What some social media accounts do is give the control of their user to a different staff member each week or even each day. This is great for producing fresh content and who knows what each person might take pictures of; where they will go or what they might do.

Digital media in terms of imagery is a technology that has grown drastically since the first camera phone that was released a mere 14 years ago! Companies and people alike need to grasp this opportunity and develop their online interaction in ways that connect intimately with other users and consumers.

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