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Why are you praising the plus-size? – LFW

September 24, 2014

At this year’s London Fashion Week (LFW), plus size took centre stage with it’s own catwalk and weekend dedicated to real beauty.

Understandably, fashion wants to promote a ‘healthy’ figure and more realistic image for young women every where, but I still don’t think this is being represented.
The women featured in the plus-size shows were just that, plus-size, and I don’t deem plus-size as being the British average.

womanThe problem I am trying to address here is I still think these women have amazing figures; they nip in at the waist, a healthy balance of shoulders and hips, long legs, lovely features and so on. To me, this isn’t average. The real women out there come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; pear shape, apple, banana! Whatever you want to call it, models will never represent a normal person because they have been chosen quite specifically.

Just think a little bit harder about why you are praising the media or fashion world for promoting another extreme ideal – Large is better than light. Of course, it is something that will never change, but maybe you should reconsider before ‘kudos’-ing the fashion industry for doing all the supposed average joannas a ‘mad props’.

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