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Fling App – What is it and could it be used by business?

July 31, 2014

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On July 22nd a new app hit the iTune store shelves and within the week it has been available it has already gathered a huge following.

When I first heard the title, Fling, and the concept that you send out text and pictures to random people, I had concerns that it was something of a similar concept to that of the popular dating app, Tinder. 

It has elements of a dating application; if you receive something and you wish to reply, you can double tap the content and respond with a message. Options like this can question the safety of applications that allow global access to users in an instant, as younger generations are getting their hands on smart devices and app downloads. Aside from the obvious dangers, there could be some yet-to-be-discovered perks of this new app.

I now realise the title ‘Fling’ has been given because you basically ‘fling’ content in a split-second, rather than the other known definition of ‘fling’.

It works a little like Snapchat. You take a picture or video, add text and send. Your ‘fling’ then sends to 50 people worldwide and people can choose to send private messages in reply.

Businesses are constantly looking for potential ways to spread a message globally and instantly, and we may have found our answer.

Think about it, if a company sets up a Fling account, they could use it to spread relevant content to random global users in a split second. If they aren’t interested, they can simply ignore the content, otherwise they can ‘double tap’ for more information.

It is something that would need to be trialled and tested and would only truly take off if the app is to progress and grow.

This new application appears to be something to keep a close eye on. The Snapchat application grew very rapidly, and this mirroring concept is certainly not one to quickly dismiss.

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  1. David permalink

    I’ve been looking into Fling and downloaded it yesterday. I thought the concept was really cool – that you could reach people all over the world and start random conversations. Naturally I was plagued by nude selfies. It was a massive turn off for me! I woke up to see my iPhone had 10 notifications from Fling – I felt a bit bombarded.

    I was considering using it in business but not sure how successful it would be – like you said, one would need to test the waters. I love the examples of how Snapchat is used in business – maybe I’ll wait to see how others fair with it.

    Thanks for writing the article 🙂

    • I’ve also been testing the app and it’s pretty deadly in terms of graphic and unwanted content, but if marketed right, it might work!

      • David permalink

        Every social network’s going to have explicit content and in some platforms, it’s fine because you can avoid it if you want to. But there’s no filter here – I wonder if they’ll include a ‘tick’ feature where you need to say if your content is deemed explicit and it won’t be sent to users who have opted out to receiving said content?!

      • Or even a spam reporting option? – For graphic and inappropriate messages. Younger generations are using social networks. It’s a poisonous and dangerous place, but so good for spreading an instantaneous message!

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