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New York Internship – Photoshoots and Free Drinks

July 21, 2014

Another weekend, been and gone. Two weeks left of my internship and it’s creeping up fast!

This week we have a busy schedule in work, with two live music sessions booked in and interviews for new interns, one of which will replace me.

However, I have been requested that the company I am working for wants me to return to the States to work for them, if visas can be organised, who knows, I may be living in New York City by 2015.
Friday night started the weekend well with a free photoshoot organised by the programme ‘mother hen’, Reagan.


She supplied us with enough sweet treats to make your teeth hurt and we had so much fun posing and pouting to our hearts content. The pictures will also be great for use on our LinkedIn profiles etc for when we are getting into the real world of work after our internships.

Saturday I ventured to the American Museum of Natural History, which I’ve seen before but it was still fun to explore and learn a little.

2014-07-19 23.25.21Saturday evening took on a life of it’s own as we ended up scouring New York for some fun bars to drink in. We ended up finding some cool little spots.

The first was called Maysville and I was unsure on what to order so was surprised with a whiskey and ginger beer cocktail. The other had a happy hour till 4am where we ended up getting a couple of free beers! Our journey home landed us in a pizza place where we binged on $1 pizza. A very successful conclusion to the night.

On Sunday I ventured to a very yummy and authentic Thai restaurant on 51st and 9th Avenue (I think that’s right). It was called ‘Pure Thai Cookhouse’ and really hit the spot on a hangover! Other than that and chilling in Central Park, I didn’t get up to much. I am developing into a relaxed lifestyle enjoying what New York has to offer on the not-so-touristic scene.

I will of course be giving updates on whether I may be returning to New York permanently, but for now I need to get through this crazy next week and tie up any loose ends before my departure.

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