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New York Internship – Flying, Football, Fire and Fine Dining

July 15, 2014

The weekend has passed and what a weekend it was. 

2014-07-12 16.45.38I had a little visit from my brother-in-law and his two friends, as they are embarking on a US adventure which began in New York City. 

Saturday afternoon began meeting with Ben, who lives and works in Chicago so arrived a bit more promptly than the other two. We enjoyed a relaxing walk to the Hudson, followed by taking it easy in the sun. 

We then ventured on and had a drink at a bar called ‘The Brass Monkey’, followed by a drink at The Standard hotel, in which I made an addition to my ‘Made in Chelsea selfies’ collection with a picture with Binky.

2014-07-13 00.29.25We finished off with dinner at an Asian restaurant, The Spice Market. The compilation of flavours was spectacular and I would definitely recommend this place.

Once joined by the two Welshies, we headed up the Empire State Building and got the iconic view of NYC at night; glowing and glorious. 

Sunday was an overly eventful day. After viewing the 9/11, rather moving, memorial our first task was to guide Chris in an obscure and confusing direction for his Birthday surprise – a helicopter ride over New York City. 

2014-07-13 11.57.11Of course, I couldn’t fault a single second of this experience. There’s no way more magical than to see the city from the sky. 

After a very inspirational and awe-inspiring helicopter journey, we took the standard touristic route and rode the Staten Island Ferry to get another terrific view of Manhattan. From there, we made our way to a bar for food and football. 

The day was made even more brilliant with a 1-0 win for Germany (pleasing on my part as I am half German). After a successful lunch, we ventured up fifth to visit Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Centre, where our day became even more eventful (if that’s possible)!

After about thirty minutes of amazing views, people started to get cleared from one side of the upper 2014-07-13 19.25.09deck. A child had been burned from small flakes of ember falling from the lighting rods. 

There turned out to be a small fire and we were evacuated from the top deck along with many other tourists, whose first response to a fire is to stop and take a picture – human logic.

As we finished our descent to the ground level, we spotted the firetrucks and firemen all geared up to tackle the small but concerning blaze. 

We finished our tiring but spectacular day at Buffalo Wild Wings, aka B-Dubs, ready to hit the hay and recharge for the next NYC adventure.

Monday was a lot less dramatic, but then I don’t think there’s much that could have beaten 2014-07-14 11.04.39Sunday’s eventfulness. A generally casual day of seeing various New York City tourist attractions, including the New York Public Library and Grand Central Station.

We started with breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, the diner with the singing waitstaff. Breakfast was both filling and entertaining so you can’t really complain.

Just our luck though, when we arrived at the Public Library, the Rose Main Reading room was closed, the only room really worth seeing. However, the architecture is still intriguing to look at. 

After a lot of walking, our evening ended at a restaurant called The Cannibal. With a staggering four-page beer selection and delicious food to match, it was a great way to end an extended weekend. 







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