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New York Internship – Independence and incredible news!

July 4, 2014

photo 1

Fourth of July weekend has come and gone and it was a wet one.

Just like the weather, my life in New York so far has been a mixture of chaos and elation. On Thursday I worked on customer service all day answering phone calls from customers with questions, of which most, I had no answer to.

However, Thursday also ended up being the day I found out my degree classification and thankfully the months of skipping nights out along with early starts, paid off. I am officially graduating with a first degree honours; I couldn’t be happier!

Despite the rather damp forecast for the first day of the three day holiday weekend, there’s not much that could get me down at this point.

Next weekend I get a visit from my brother-in-law and his friends, which should be an enjoyable long weekend and, with luck, Germany will get through to the World Cup Final.

We ended up watching the Independence Day fireworks from a prime location; smack bang under the Brooklyn Bridge. Despite the tiresome waiting, it was certainly worth it.

On Saturday my roomies and I hit up Belvedere Castle in Central Park and The Met, but as I’ll be doing it all again next weekend, I’m sure I’ll be organising more detailed feedback on my touristic adventures  next weekend!

Until next time, check out some of my work:photo 3

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