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New York Internship – Travel and Arrival

June 18, 2014

6:45am, 17th June 2014, Bristol airport.

So I’m finally here. 10 days late but here all the same. Two hours delayed but here all the same. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Bristol to Amsterdam and then all the way to JFK.

When I left three years ago for my gap year travels, four months flying solo, I cried as I waved to my family after hugging them all goodbye. Three years later and three years more grown up and I’m not even a little bit phased by the prospect.

This blog won’t just dictate my internship experience, it will give those longing to leap into the big wide world a chance to thoroughly understand the compromises you may have to make, the worries, struggles and, of course, the amazing moments that make the stress and hard work all worth it!

8:35am, flying from Bristol to Amsterdam

Today is a day of aeroplane food, generous cups of tea, possibly a vodka shot and actual reading (yes, you heard me correctly). Killing time on a plane journey is a skill only a few of us acquire over time. For example, taking 20 minutes or so to eat a cheese sandwich, however Gouda it may be….

1pm (in New York), flying Amsterdam to JFK

Just over two hours left and this is getting tedious. The fairly illiterate couple next to me are treating me like a translator despite the fact I am using exactly the same language as the air hostess.

Once I’m in New York I will be tested to see how much I can remember, but I’ve planned my route and should be fine! Decided to treat myself to a glass of wine on the plane, and if I didn’t have to find my way to my accommodation through the hustle and bustle of New York, believe me, I’d be drunk! Or maybe just tipsy…

12:15pm, 18th June 2014, New York

After arriving last night it was all a bit mad! Went to an orientation just explaining a bit about where I’m staying and got supplied with free pizza, so at least I wasn’t starved of food.

Despite being prepared, the one thing I couldn’t pack was a pillow, so I set off at 9pm last night to find TJ Maxx and believe me, New York really is the city than never sleeps. I’m now all settled in, kitchen utensils bought and NYU ID in hand. Tomorrow is my first day of work so updates will follow up on that this weekend.

The location of my accommodation is a short walk from the flatiron building, and today I saw it right up close for the first time and have been getting that New York excitement again!

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