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Internship in NYC – Pre-Departure

May 24, 2014

In my opinion, a journey doesn’t start in the car ride to the airport, nor does it start the moment the airplane takes off. It starts the second you decide to make that journey; why you decided to embark on such an adventure and the hours you spend working and saving to make that journey all it can be.

Well, if this is the case then my journey started over a year ago, when I decided I wanted to dazzle people with a CV that boasted an internship abroad, in New York City. I did my research and found a company called Global Experiences, and I sit here now, 10 days before my departure going through the final processes.

I have decided to write this blog after re-reading a blog I wrote during my gap year travels, exactly three years ago. However, this is a totally different experience. When you travel, you only look at the most amazing and beautiful parts of each location, not taking the time to learn about the people who live their and the lifestyle. This time, I will be living in New York for two months: Over 21 and ready to explore.

This blog will be used to help people who are, too, looking to spend time away from home to gain more work experience, or to simply give an insight to Brits as to how crazy, amazing or different it is to live in the United States of America.

The Details


I will be spending eight weeks in the Big Apple, working for an online magazine. The online magazine belongs to an events company, Charged.FM, and I will be taken under their wing, writing all sorts of content for them. The company is based in Brooklyn, so the Manhattan, New York Skyline will become my inspiration.

I will be living in New York University Halls of Residence, and will be just a short walk from Fifth Avenue. There’s not much to tell on my accommodation apart from the fact I will be living with a complete stranger – room sharing and all!

Global Experiences, the company behind it all, will be arranging excursions and social outings so that we all get to feel like real ‘New Yorkers’.

Before I make my way to NYC, I will be making a stop over in Atlanta, Georgia, to see a good friend of mine. I’ll have the chance to get a glimpse into American University lifestyle, so this should be good!


There’s not much more to my trip than what you see. However, each day will bring new challenges in both the working world and real world. I’m bound to get homesick and I’m determined to have a rudding good time! Watch this blog to find out more. I fly on June 3rd, so until then!


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