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September 12, 2013


Every summer we trawl through the magazines and reviews of the many books on offer for some light summer reading. This year, I decided to delve into my past and read a book I bought back when I was 13. One of my friends recommended it and I thought it was finally time to give the dusty pages the attention they so dearly craved.

After a week and a half (yes, I am a VERY slow reader, especially with nap time in the sun for a distraction) of reading, I reached the books conclusion and was not only disappointed but Pissed off with the easy way out and blunt ending, which cheesily ended with the title of the book – shocker!

The book is about a young American girl named Daisy who travels to stay with her English relatives for the summer. An intimate relationship blossoms between her and her cousin, a concept that sent shudders down my spine, and they are soon cascaded into the Third World War and their love is left to fend for itself.

After watching the trailer I decided that the girl playing Daisy looks nothing like the image in my head. Despite the poor ending, the book consists of a dark and subtle humour that a film may struggle to achieve. At the rate filmmakers are going for original ideas, there won’t be a single book out there that you can’t simply rent the night before your book report is due.

I very much look forward to seeing how this piece of fiction has been translated to screen and reviewing it in the near future, so don’t forget to watch this space!


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