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Déjà Tune

September 7, 2013

After Jessie J’s song ‘Domino’ caught some attention as plagiarised, I have seen more and more similarities in new music being released in comparison to classics or unheard of wonders. My most recent song to note has caused me extreme hurt as it taints the classic sound of a truly brilliant British Punk Rock band, The Clash. I’m not much of a One Direction fan, but flicking through the channels, I decided to give a ‘Pop 5’ of their hits a listen and man was I pissed! The opening riff, or whatever you would like to call it of ‘Live while we’re Young’, is IDENTICAL to that of The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I go?’ Watch, or listen, to the YouTube links I have provided, and feel your rage intensify!

Other songs I feel our similar are Will.I.Am’s ‘Bang’ and the classic ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’ from Bugsy Malone (although I’m unsure if that is that actual title) Try singing ‘Fat Sam’s’ over ‘Bang’. I know I do!

I also see a peculiar resemblance in Olly Murs’ ‘Troublemaker’ and Britany Spears’ ‘Crazy’. Again, try singing ‘Crazy’ over the chorus of ‘Troublemaker’. This similarity is a shame, as Olly Murs happens to be one of my guilty pleasures.

I have just recently discovered ANOTHER Deja Tune, and for the greatest of classic music lovers, you may have already spotted it, but if not, prepare yourself!

A song we all love on a night out –

Anyway, I understand that as time proceeds, it is becoming harder and harder to create more original sounds, as all the best riffs and catchy tunes have been snatched up by the founders of great, modern music. It’s why the classics are so great. So ditch all the naff chart tunes that are bombarding our music system and find yourself a good Smiths or Pixies album.



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