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Oh My-Lee! – The “Disney Effect”

August 27, 2013


We’ve seen child stars come and go, but why is it we keep seeing these child stars lose their minds far beyond just a little?

From Britany to Miley, I think we’ve all seen the “Disney effect” in action and it doesn’t just apply to ex-Disney stars. Amanda Bynes has gone from fame to shame as an ex-Nickelodeon starlet, but as far as Disney starlets go, Lindsay Lohan and Britany Spears have been shining examples in how NOT to compose yourself under the pressure of young fame. But what is the “Disney effect”?

Well, as girls get pushed into the limelight at a young age, they are forced to keep in line and follow the women that they will soon become. In an attempt to push away the innocence of their younger acting roles, child stars are going to extreme lengths to sexualise themselves, hoping desperately that they will be able to cling onto fame far beyond their teen years.

Miley Cyrus’s performance was the most recent example of this indecent exposure that was, to be honest, boarder line pornographic. There was a clear moment from the second the MTV Video Music Award’s performance started that made you cringe with disgust. Miley also seemed to have a problem with her tongue as it didn’t seem to want to seek comfort inside her mouth, but insisted on flagging down the nearest taxi.

Other stars have jumped on the band wagon with High School Musical’s, Vanessa Hudgens and Wizards of Waverly Place star, Selena Gomez, after recently appearing in the film Spring Breakers, which certainly has it’s far share of bikini-clad girls. But let’s not neglect the Disney child stars of the male orientation.

Even Steven’s star, Shia LaBeouf has gone from strength to strength after making a real name for himself in the Transformer films. Justin Timberlake has also made a durable living from not just his music career but his career as an actor, but strangely enough, these Disney child stars and other boys-to-men alike don’t seem to have fallen into the pit of slutty despair but have simply kept their reputation slate clean and pristine.

I think the only female child star to be showing promise of not plummeting into the ever-deepening pit of instability is Demi Lovato, but of course, she has already had her own personal battle with bipolar disorder but still shows promise as a children’s role model, and that’s just the thing.

It appears that these celebrities don’t realise that their following is ever growing in the younger generations, as old episodes of their innocent days still air on TV. This means that young girls are following the currently sexualised stars and are wishing to shadow their footsteps in all the wrong ways possible for a young teen.

In due course, I’m sure we will be seeing Miley hit the age of around 24 and she will be well on her way to rehab or just simply crumbling in the spotlight. I wonder what her sex tape will be called, I’m sure I saw a sneak preview in her latest video for “We Can’ Stop.”


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