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Something’s fishy – Catfish review

January 4, 2013

I would like to apologise as I was unaware this is not a mocumentary but an ACTUAL documentary. I recommend the Catfish series as well as the film.

Taking on a form of direction similar to Cloverfield or The Blair Witch Project , Catfish follows a 24 Year old photographer named Nev (pronounced Neave.) Nev befriends an 8 year old painting prodigy, Abby, and becomes very close to her half sister Megan via social networking, but when Nev decides it is time to make their long distance relationship more intimate, there is a surprise in store.

This is the kind of story that doesn’t need a star cast to be something intriguing. The reality the plot holds is enough to keep you wondering how things will turn out for Nev and his friends on their journey to visit the Facebook family he has grown an attraction for.

The plot is fast paced and it doesn’t feel like it takes too long for the events to turn into the truth, although not much really happens in this time. Taking the elements of social networking to levels of brutal honesty that most people seem to be too afraid to admit that would really happen.

One of the quirkier aspects of the film that gave a sense of realism was how the two friends filming Nev take on the full names of the directors themselves. Small details throughout the film make the eventual truth slightly dull and predictable.

When all is revealed the film takes a boring turn and leaves you thinking “can I just switch off the TV now?” But you mustn’t give up.

The film tries to portray a sense of reasoning in why we do what we do and results in heart breaking elements that represent the dangers social networking can provide.
Not just the dangers of ‘Do we really know who we are talking?’ to but how much could this end up hurting us in the long run?

During the films conclusion, it is unclear as to whether it is based on a true story or whether it is adding script to make it seem real like films such as Paranormal Activity.
A delicate music score that adds to the naturalness that this film entails, it contains morals and essence of emotion that make it not a total train wreck.

Aired on Channel 4 on 3/01/2013 click here for more information!


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