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Go On – You Know You Want to.

December 20, 2012

Go-On-allGo On review – New NBC sitcom!

Within the first five minutes the subject of the programme is clear and we are thrown straight into the plot, but no one is saying this is a bad thing. Unlike programmes such as Breaking Bad that milk suspense more than the Hobbit trilogy of films, Go On just gets straight to the point without cutting corners.

Starring Matthew Perry, one of the famed cast members of beloved TV series, Friends, the scripting has an element of humour that suits his acting style perfectly; short, sharp, sweet and seductively sarcastic. Despite Perry now into his early forties, he still has plenty of character and life in his performance.

Go On follows radio star, Ryan King (Matthew Perry) and how he is learning to deal with the death of his partner. He is instructed to participate in 10 hours of therapy before he is allowed to return to work, but in his first therapy sessions he finds a humorous way to identify with the other members of the support group; a way that brings a warming element of dark humour that really makes you think.

As the episode progresses, it is almost instantly clear that the series is willing to establish a variety of morals and laughter that show there is more than just one way to deal with grief. Featuring other well known sitcom stars such as Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) and film stars like Bill Cobbs (Oz: The Great and Powerful.)

As the series progresses it continues to play host to a light and easily followed sense of humour whilst still being able to hit you in the sensitive spot that you weren’t expecting. A blend of weirdness and reality that is endearing and emotional to watch.


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