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Films to see and why should you see them?

October 5, 2012

There are a number of intellectually and emotionally stimulating films being released this autumn, and not forgetting another Will Ferrell comic release. But which films will stay on top, and which will flop?

A brief opinion on these films and why you should or shouldn’t see them.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower.


Initially, this film didn’t strike me as significant or original, but one of the lead roles is played by Harry Potter child star, Emma Watson.

The film follows a young boy trying to fit in as a freshman. Like any other American High School concept, he makes friends with a group of misfit goth/punks and ends up becoming entangled on a journey of drugs, drink, Rock Horror and love.

The most significant thing to note about the director of this film is that he was also the author of the films novel original. So rather than someone else’s motion picture interpretation, this film will illustrate the inner thoughts of the author himself.


The Campaign


Will Ferrell, every adolescent boys comic hero. Will Ferrell, every adolescent girls comic pain-in-the-ass. With his new film being released shortly, I think there’s a strong predictability that no matter how shit, boys will still love it.

A film about two CEO’s who seize an opportunity to oust long-term congressman Cam Brady by putting up a rival candidate. Being released during a time where American politics and campaigning are number one on the agenda, adds a lighthearted touch to quite a serious subject.

My biggest concern is that this film will comprise of gags from one of Ferrell’s more successful films, Anchorman. The concept of rivalry through politics is a chance to demine the subject in Ferrell’s rather childlike way,

Of course, there is no reason to say this film won’t see it’s success, but there is also no saying it will be original either.


Now is Good


This film is in major competition with The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

With another child star as the lead, Dakota Fanning, and following another overdone storyline of someone dealing with terminal illness, this too, is based on a novel.

It’s made clear from the trailer that 17-year-old Tessa Scott has chosen to not continue with her leukemia treatment. With the concept of “YOLO” (You only live once) in mind, Tessa makes a list of things she must do before she dies.

I’m sure this film will be filled with realistic humor and emotional moments, but will it stand out from a crowd of many other films just like it.

With an inexperienced director, Ol Parker, this film could sit at either end of the ‘films to watch again’ spectrum. You will either be emotionally drained and not wish to see it again, or emotionally stimulated and want to spend another hour and a half of your life crying whilst watching it again.




Starring one of my all time favourites, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, (has he ever not been in a decent film? Inception, Batman, {500} Days of Summer.) this film is set in 2072, where a mob wants to get rid of someone. They send him 30 years into the past, which, is still a future for the audience, so what kind of futuristic ideas will this film bare?

My first concern is of the plot consisting of a few similarities to the film Inception, in which Gordon-Levitt also takes part. The similarities aren’t necessarily plot related but more the complexity of time/universe travel.

With old favourites such as Bruce Willis staring in this new Sci-Fi thriller, there is no doubt it won’t do well in the box office. It looks like this film will have a consequence of causing you to want to watch it again to fully understand the ‘loops’ that could cause confusion in the plot. Predictably, this will be loved by young and old men alike.


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