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Glee moves FOURward

September 29, 2012

Glee returns to American screens for it’s fourth series, but without some of our most beloved characters, such as Rachel Berry or Finn Hudson, will it still have the same strangely appealing cheesiness as it did before?

For religious Glee followers, you will be aware of the heart wrenching story line that tore apart the famed Glee couple, Rachel and Finn. Finn decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the army, which in turn, gave Rachel the freedom she needed to live out her New York City dreams at Niada. Of course we mustn’t forget some of the other seniors that left our screens to seek bigger dreams; Kurt, Santana, Puck and Mercedes. Without these big personalities, a fair bit of life has been drained from the show. One of my particular favorites was Santana’s harsh but utterly hilarious bitch insults. But the appearance of new and familiar faces means there is still some hilarity left in this musical dramedy.

The writers also seem to have stepped up the story lines with more adult appeal. The songs, however, have lost a fair bit of their star quality, as the show seems to appear more auto-tuned than before. Maybe our new actors just don’t have the same natural talent as the modest Lea Michelle. The appearance of some highly acclaimed actors will certainly add excitement to future episodes.

No matter what happens, it seems Glee will always hold a place on one of my favourite American comedies to watch. Although, its appeal seems to be more cheese than chuckles.

Watch this blog for more Glee reviews, as we get deeper into the series.


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