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Lots Of Love for this film – Lol Review

August 5, 2012

After only recently being released on iTunes USA, I decided to see what was the dealio with the remake of an original French filmed titled Lol. Starring my own guilty pleasure, Miley Cyrus. It is hard to picture her in a mature role that breaks her away from her Hannah Montana days, although she proved her worth as one of her major starring roles in the film The Last Song.

Also starring Demi Moore, it is difficult to see any mother and daughter chemistry between these two famed actresses. With a mix of corny and natural direction, there are many ways this film can take in terms of audience appreciation.

A remake of an originally french film, it has a very basic plot about a girl named Lola, nicknamed Lol, who gets cheated on by her boyfriend and is dealing with the general problems every teen deals with. But there is a resemblance in her relationship with her best male friend that mirrors the problems a lot of young and older people have, defining the line between friendship, lust and love.

The humour is mature and has a sense of reality rather than corny American wit. This sense of reality is reflected is the majority of the film and finds many ways to relate to most people. This adds to its appeal.

Miley Cyrus’s performance varies throughout the film and she shows true commitment to her role in particular scenes. Demi Moore eventually lives up to her role and the relationship between this mother and daughter becomes a main focus to the films story line.

Overall, I would certainly recommend this film but it strikes a balance between an intense and easy watch. There are moments of many emotions but the lead males aren’t the best eye candy that could have been cast. Cyrus certainly proves her worth from child star to adult actress.


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