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Brave Review

July 26, 2012

Release date: 13th August 2012 (UK)

Disney and Pixar have once again teamed up to bring us another animated adventure that will be making it’s way to the UK in August. Brave doesn’t take the average form of a Americanised Disney film, as it is set in the highlands with a variety of Scottish actors voicing the kilted characters, including Scottish comedian Billy Connolly.

Brave follows the story of a young Scottish Princess whose destiny is to perform her royal duties and find a suitor, but this doesn’t suit her. As a young girl she is enthused by archery and isn’t ready for marriage. She runs away from home and stumbles across a witch who has the power to change her fate, but instead of her fate changing, her mother transform into something much more terrifying.

Brave has enough laughs to suit both parents and children but enough action to keep a steady pace throughout the entire film. The plot keeps something around the corner at every turn so this is definitely a good choice for the whole family to see together, but still not a bad watch for the young adolescent.

I was originally expecting the plot to be your average girl power with some moral of being true to yourself, but I was quite pleasantly surprised and caught off guard by the morals expressed and the twists that the story takes. Exploring the relationship between mother and daughter doesn’t make it a film just for girls to watch; its elements of action and comedy make it suitable for any gender. And there’s even a hint of power to the unfortunate souls that have been blessed with ginger hair, and certainly a generous helping of Scottish stereotyping.

It may not become as legendary as famed Pixar favourites like Buzz and Woody, but it’s certainly got the same heart warming qualities that make it a Disney branded film.


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