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Seth MacFarLAME? – Ted Review

July 24, 2012

Release date: 1st August 2012  (UK)


Within the first 20 minutes, you didn’t have to search IMDB to know that every piece of production that took this film from script to screen was either completely or partially devised by Seth MacFarlane. Known mainly for his success as the creator, writer and even the voice of the ever long-running series of Family Guy, this film mirrors many aspects of his television work.

Ted is all about a little boy and a wish that made his teddy bear come to life, but we are excelled into the future to see how these two personalities have spent their entire lives together, as “thunder buddies.”

Featuring one of the fittest females of film, Mila Kunis, Ted bares resemblance to Family Guy in it’s humour, direction and when you close your eyes, it bares huge resemblance to the voices of Peter and Meg Griffin from Family Guy; as it seems Seth MacFarlane hasn’t gone too out of his way to reconstruct Peter’s chubby sounding idiocy that we can hear coming from Ted.

This film really only has small bursts of humour and doesn’t reflect MacFarlane’s famed talent that has made him so well known. A predictable story line still has a heart warming ending, and even the narrator follows in the foul-mouthed ways of MacFarlane’s humour.

If you are a huge fan of MacFarlane’s work you will either be highly amused with the comedy shown, or a bit disappointed by how tainted it is with a lack of originality and the many Family Guy/American Dad moments, which even includes the homo-tastic concept of a gay Ryan Reynolds also cropping up within the film.

The concept of a teddy bear coming to life and how he has grown into his thirties was definitely a winner of a story, but with it’s cliché plot, I’m not so sure if MacFarlane spent enough time developing this idea. I say, wait for the DVD, as it is still a good film but paying £8 to see it in the cinema? Not so worth it.


An overall laugh but MacFarlane hasn’t stretched himself in his humour. Just a bit lazy.


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