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Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted – Review

July 20, 2012

Release date: 19th October 2012 (UK)

As Dreamworks prepare to bring back our four favourite, funny and furry friends, America has already had the pleasure of their revisiting company since June. Due to release in October 2012, Madgascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted prepares for lift off, as the group make another attempt to return to New York City.

Featuring all our favourite characters,  which includes one of my personal favourites, Mort the lemur; who had me laughing from the second he literally burst onto the screen! With just as many laughs as you might expect, this is a great new family film, but nothing can ever hold a candle to the initial film that started the series.

Action packed from the word go, it contains slight variations on already produced jokes or comic concepts. With the same daft but funny idea on the intellect of a penguin, the writers haven’t stretched too far. That is the beauty of sequels and trilogy’s; no need for new characters, but this introduces an element of repetition and boredom to a film.

The gang make another attempt to return to New York City, but when the penguins and monkeys leave with no plan on returning to collect the rest, Alex the lion and his close friends chase them to the casinos of Monte Carlo. They end up travelling across Europe (as the title suggests) with a Circus of animals, this has given the opportunity for more wild and eccentric characters. The group are also being chased by a French poacher; who follows them all the way to New York. This helps to give the film a sense of action and tension.

If you are a fan of the first and second film, then don’t hesitate to watch the third. There are still plenty of laughs and some outrageous moments, but if you weren’t so crazed when the second was released, then maybe spend your pocket money on something a bit more exciting. From my understanding, a nice bottle of wine is cheaper than the cinema!

Click here to view the trailer!


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