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Just another suburbastory – Suburgatory Review

July 15, 2012

Opening with a rather not so co-ordinating Lily Allen song playing in the back drop, Suburgatory has as much appeal as every other American sit com (which is in most cases, very little) but something about it’s preview sequence made me keen to give it a chance with a Pilot episode, which also airs on E4, Tuesday 17th at 9:30pm.

The series follows a young girl whose father has forced her to move from the bustling centre of Manhattan, New York, to it’s quietly intimate surroundings that are better known as the suburbs. With a dry sense of humour, similarly shown in new and uprising show Two Broke Girls, this new show has an inkling of potential.

Suburbs are much more upscale in America compared to the expensive luxury it is to live in the centre of an English city, so the cartoon-like direction compliments the stereotypical humour that identifies every flaw that the suburbs have in America.

It’s fair too say that there is such thing as too much voice over, as Suburgatory displays, but overall, what I have seen of the first and second episode, it isn’t total trash and could develop into something more interesting, but who are we kidding, it’s more likely one to add to the pile of one series and it’s over.


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