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Desperate Housewives – Laid to Rest

May 17, 2012

Eight years ago Marc Cherry worked with ABC Studios to produce a programme that would make people laugh, cry and even a little bit angry or confused.

This emotive series has graced both American and British televisions, but now it is time to lay it in the grounds where programmes such as Friends and Sex and the City are resting in peace.

Desperate Housewives hasn’t always been a part of my life. I was the tender age of 12 when it decided to embed our British TV screens and shower us with gossip and shock.  Now 20, I could not be more distraught that some ‘top dog’ decided it was time to bring the series to a bittersweet end.

For those of you unlucky Brits who are still lagging behind in the final series, there are a lot of ‘dum-dum-dum’ moments still to come. Without giving too much away, one of our housewives is taken to court accused of the murder of Alejandro Perez.

As events unfold and witnesses are called to the stand, it is hard to determine who will be charged with the murder of Gabby’s stepfather. Despite the tension and emotive elements of superbly written scripts, there is always a good laugh hiding around the corner.

The eventual confession of Alejandro’s murder is a shock that left me laughing in my seat. Not because it was a ridiculous idea but because I was certainly not expecting it and the outcome made me feel a joy for the whole of Wisteria Lane.

The final scene reverts back to many moments us as an audience has spent with those four beautiful women and their many comers and goers. It is hard to imagine my life without the excitement of a new series or series finale, but the way the writers chose to finalize the end of all endings was one that may have you asking many questions.


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