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2 Broke Girls Review – Revised

May 14, 2012


Racist, rude but definitely not rubbish. My initial impression of 2 Broke Girls was cliché and just plain unfair. I saw the first episode and just assumed we had another corny American sitcom on our hands that involved two girls from opposite sides of the social spectrum. I wasn’t wrong with the plot but the script has a lot more to show for itself than you first think.

Currently on episode 4, the series has used all kinds of fowl language and crude jokes, but what Englishman doesn’t love this kind of humour? Sassy and smart-street Max is the soul of the humour in this series, but sexy and sophisticated Caroline is beginning to learn the ways of the ‘badass’ Brooklyn-er.

With a full and hearty 23 episodes in total for the series, which has already been aired in The United States, there is hopeful promise for a second series.

When I first saw the advertisements for this programme in America, I had high doubts of its success. It just goes to show, much like the characters in this hit comedy, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!


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