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An Idiot; I’m bored – Ricky Gervais’s New TV Show, Derek

April 13, 2012

Derek – First aired April 12th, 2012. Click to catch up on 4oD
International comedy legend, Ricky Gervais, praised for his sell-out tours and brilliant television series, such as An Idiot Abroad and The Ricky Gervais Show, has recently released a new programme called Derek.

Taking Gervais’s classic documentary style, Derek follows a man who is a loving, innocent guy who loves his job and cares a lot about the people around him, oh, and his name’s Derek in case you didn’t catch on.

Normally I commend Gervais for his comic genius, which occurs not only in his scripted work but his stand-up and even interviews. Although there is something about this new show Derek that bores me out of my arse.

I think the first issue is how obviously it is Gervais just pushing his jaw forward combined with a slick and greased haircut. The plank of wood that is known as Karl Pilkington, is also featured in this tedious new show.  Despite Karl’s wig and caretaker get up (which makes him totally unrecognisable) his character’s first lines sound like a copycat of Karl’s own dim-witted personality.

A combination of badly timed slapstick and a stupid voice; makes Gervais’s most recent creation a very disappointing one. Less like a comedy and more like another way for Gervais to contribute to his already enormous fortune. Sorry Ricky, but I am just not having it. Just keep working on your next stand-up and focus on sending idiot’s abroad and poking fun at dwarfs and Karl Pilkington.


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