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A League Of Their Own – Steps Up To The Plate

March 22, 2012

Release date: 18 September 1992

Running time: 128 minutes

Starring: Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis and Lori Petty

Released in 1992, A League of their Own takes us back to the 1940’s during the Second World War. The film follows a strong female baseball player and her sister Dottie, as they get selected to play in the first ever women’s baseball league.

The baseball league acts as a moral booster for those not at war. It works to bring the American nation together but doesn’t mean there won’t be a few bumps on the way. Featuring well-known talent such as Tom Hanks and Madonna, the acting isn’t short of entertaining.

Hanks (Forest Gump and Saving Private Ryan) play boozed-up baseball coach, Jimmy Dugan, who has been sent to train the Rockford Peaches. Dottie (Geena Davis) takes over as coach initially as Dugan can’t step up to the plate. A battle of the sexes emerges to show Dugan’s true colours and his strength as a baseball coach.

Davis, who plays Dottie and Madonna, who plays Mae Mordabito, both bring a brilliant sense of humour to the film. Davis’s also has the chance to make you feel a real emotion for the team by the end of the film.

Exploring the notion of the individuals that make a team successful, despite being an older film, it is not one to be dismissed. This isn’t your average male-orientated sports film but is almost like the chick flick for both men and women.

This film has humour, heartbreak and a most endearing ending that will delight your emotions.


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