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Desperate Housewives – Dishing The Dirt On My Favorite Bits

March 9, 2012

Beginning its praised success in 2004, the much loved American drama, Desperate Housewives, is coming to its bitter end; much like most of the cast.

Although I didn’t get into the show properly until about the third series, as I was the mere age of 12 when it first aired, I still reminisce about some of the best moments in Desperate Housewife history.

This long running series has brought a huge variety of emotions to myself and I’m sure, an audience a-like. I would like to share with you some of my most memorable moments where the drama has nurtured my emotions.

In season four, a tornado hit Wisteria Lane. It showed true friendship and gave certain characters a chance to make amends, or discover a friendship that may never have been fully established before. I remember such a feeling of loss as fire fighters dug through the wreckage, although I couldn’t relate to such a horrible occurrence, the situations the characters were placed in still made for an emotive story line.

The fourth season also played host to many other memorable storylines. Lynette’s battle with cancer was a moving experience and showed strong reoccurrence throughout later series. But a plotline that I found highly disturbing and strongly emotive was that of Katherine Mayfair’s.

Through season four Katherine was hiding a dark secret, and boy was it a good one! It brought whole new elements of shock to the programme, but at the same time, still seemed plausible. I think you should watch the episodes for yourself though to see what caused me to be stuck, wide eyed and glued to my television screen.

Other significant moments were Carlos losing his sight, the return of Paul Young, and most recently, the murder of a significant character who had been mentioned in much earlier episodes. But not all the moments were tearful and disturbing. The writers for Desperate Housewives still have that talented way of bringing laughter as well as drama.

Each of the female leads has her moments of comic genius. Gabrielle’s  shallow and slightly odd outlook on life, Susan’s clumsy nature, Lynette’s dominance and Bree’s sophistication all bring exactly what makes the show what it is.

Eight years of scripted brilliance will be greatly missed. If you have yet to see the series, it is not what you will expect. There is certainly something for everyone in this prodigy of a programme and I know there is promise for the most spectacular ending to this phenomenon of a television series.


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