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Glee – The Hype So Far

March 8, 2012

started as a ‘High School Musical’ meets ‘Scrubs’ style American comedy, but as each series progresses, it has lost some of its comic charm and gained some corny plots.

Glee centres on the Show Choir of McKinley High, an American High School in Ohio. We watch as the outcasts of a school learn to deal with day-to-day humiliation and focus on winning the Show Choir National title.

Featuring Broadway stars such as Matthew Morrison, the show always showed promise to broadcast genuine musical talent. The show is currently on its third series; gradually being aired on Sky1 in the UK, although it has already reached it’s halfway point in the US.

I have had the privilege to see the first half of season three, up to episode 14. The newest series touches on some hard-hitting and some slightly far-fetched issues. Without giving too much away, there were times in my viewing of the episodes that made me very emotional. The concept of self-abuse is tampered with and the writers have brought back the ever-discouraged notion of bullies and the damage they can do.

Marriage between particular cast members is celebrated through some of the episodes but other cast members and their relationships may lead you to ask the question “Would that ever really happen?”

Despite Sky1 being as far ahead as episode 10, there is still plenty more drama and theatrical music to keep you entertained for the next few weeks. Although Glee may have lost a substantial amount of its comic value, it certainly hasn’t lost any of its ethical values, and manages to capture a lot of unsaid issues that teens and young adult’s a-like struggle to deal with.

Music to get you dancing, some characters to get you laughing and most of all, a script that contains a tame but surely established rollercoaster of emotions. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Airing on Thursdays, 9pm on Sky1


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