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One Day – But Not Today?

February 18, 2012

The definitions of cliché and corny can be described very simply in One Day.

Without jumping to conclusions, this isn’t the worst film I have ever seen, but the emotions that it tries to provoke are brought on in a very simplistic way.

One cast member that kept my interest throughout the film was the eye candy provided by the actor, Jim Sturgess (21 and The Other Boleyn Girl) who played the character of Dexter.

Dexter and Emma, played by Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada and Alice in Wonderland), meet after their Graduation. Drunk and young, they turn to each other for a night of meaningless passion that ends up becoming a 23 year long friendship.

Why only 23 years you may ask? Well, I would hate to give too much away.

The film indicates an early reference to the contrast between them as friends. As Dexter displaya a tattoo of the Yin-Yang symbol; a symbol that represents how polar opposites can exist interconnected in the natural world. The tattoo is unusually placed near his Achilles heel; possibly representing the frailness of their relationship (to those who are familiar with the Myth of Achilles).

The film plays the same day of June 15th every year from 1988 up to 2011; each time showing how their friendship develops. From the beginning you are under the impression they will one day be together as their friendship has a deeper meaning.

Without spoiling the ending for most people, the film has a harsh reality (one of which I was praying would happen). The reality of the story is how these two people can never seem to be together. Their relationship bounces through love and hate, much like Hathaway’s English stroke Scottish seeming accent.

The writer, David Nicholls, had the intention to rouse the feeling of loss and an intention for the audience watching, or reading (as it was originally a book), to cry for the characters. But I thought anyone who did feel an overwhelming of tears, wasn’t thinking about the truth behind the story.

The film ends with an ironic scene that involves Emma speaking the words “Wake up” as we are sent back to the day they met.

For me, I saw how each person has someone in their lives that they have loved but couldn’t have, and in this case, it was the case. I am not demoting this as a movie but I am not promoting it either. It is certainly a film with a rollercoaster of emotions but if I was asked to ride it again, I think I would pass.


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