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Who’s That Girl? – It’s Zooey Deschannel, With A Smile?

February 16, 2012

New Girl may seem like just another American sit-com and it probably is, but it seems to have given Zooey Deschannel (500 Days of Summer and Elf )an actors make over.

New Girl features Deschannel playing the main character, Jess, who is looking for a new place to live after a bad split up with her two-timing boyfriend. Jess ends up moving in with three guys, all of which have their own wacky personalities – The man-whore, the gentleman and the black guy.

Deschannel is given the chance to play an up-beat and slightly unusual character compared to her usual, monotone roles.

Jess works as a Teacher but sometimes comes across as a child herself. Using terrible accents and having all kinds of costumes and props, her character causes all kinds of embarrassing situations for the people around her.

In Deschannel’s previous roles, I have always found her very stationary and not so diverse as an actress. In Elf she played a fed up sales assistant. As an audience, you may have thought her emotionless voice and facial expressions were part of her misery, little did we realise, it’s just how she acts.

Although Deschannel came across as successful in (500) Days of Summer, I think part of the success was due to her co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who brought most of the emotion and, in particular, life, to the film.

Deschannel is also known for her vintage voice, as she is signed with a recording company as the artist She & Him. Her character of Jess is constantly singing but gives Deschannel an opportunity to promote herself as a musician.

The reason I have grown to love New Girl so much is because it has a kind of Scrubs humour whilst still keeping the story lines very down to Earth.

It is definitely worth giving this new series a chance. It is a lovely combination of child-like humour and adult dilemmas that give Deschannel the recognition she truly deserves.

Watch it on Channel 4 every Friday at 20:30 or catch-up on 4oD


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  1. Love this series, really makes me laugh out loud!

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