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February 16, 2012

is an American TV Series that follows a cheer squad from Memphis, the Hellcats. Released back in 2010, it is yet to make it’s way to the United Kingdom.

The main character, Marti Perkins, is played by Aly Michalka (Easy A). Marti is a Pre-Law student studying at Lancer University. After being declined of her scholarship she has to find some other way of funding her education.

She discovers that you can gain a scholarship as a cheerleader and despite her disinterest and hate of the sport; she is desperate to stay at College.

Marti’s roommate and cheer captain, Savannah Monroe, is played by the innocent child star, Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) but her character shows Tisdale in a whole new light.

At first glance, it sounds like a TV series of corny, teenage American boredom, but the story lines have much more drama than your average peppy TV show. Michalka sister, Amanda Michalka (Super 8), makes a dramatic appearance on the show, and without giving too much away, Marti learns the truth about her family.

Tisdale hasn’t only changed from blonde bitch to brunette bible basher in this film, but she has learnt to act. Her characters story lines of sex and alcohol show Tisdale’s true potential as a serious actor.

Despite a lack of big names in the programme, each actor shines through and shows potential to move onto bigger things.

Although the series may appear as something that is for ‘girls only’, the short skirt, cheer uniforms and raunchy scenes, may be found somewhat appealing to some men as well.

Only one series has made it to American screens and hopefully it will be flying it’s way over to the UK for approval before embarking on another series.

This series isn’t meant to be like a ‘Bring It On’ for TV. It explores a lot of teenage problems and how difficult it can be to juggle personal life with the world of education and work.

Airing every Friday at 8pm on Viva (freeview channel 21)


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