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Various Cruelties – Southampton

February 9, 2012

Various Cruelties – Southampton           Date: Saturday 1st October, 2011

There to promote their new single, the new and upcoming Various Cruelties travelled to Southampton. Beginning with a chat with lead vocalist and guitarist, Liam, I learnt that after a visit and a heavy night to his hometown of Leeds, the majority of the band was still hanging hard, but they didn’t let this minor glitch disrupt their performance.

Opening with Neon Truth, it set the atmosphere with a modest tone that gave the audience a straight but hypnotic beat to warm themselves up to. They then moved onto If It Wasn’t for You; both of these songs along with Chemicals are featured on the bands mysterious but intriguing website that contains barely more than the three songs, which gives you a chance to judge the sound of the group rather than their image. If It Wasn’t for You slowed down the tempo of the room, but didn’t take away any of the atmospheric tone.

By the time Chemicals had made its Southampton debut, the crowd had taken a promising acceptance to their fresh sound. Liam’s vocals manage to compliment the more simplistic but well structured bass lines, whilst the band’s overall sound is like a much richer and more modern sound of Joy Division or Pixies. The venue provided an intimate experience, which gave their sound an even more intense quality. Even if the performance was transferred to a bigger arena you would still feel how their energy and performance could be amplified, creating a pronounced atmosphere.

There is a lot of Indie, modern rock sound being thrown around these days but it’s been drowned out by the Dubstep and R&B mass. Various Cruelties have taken a sound similar to The Strokes but moved it further, with rich vocals that modernise their sound to an even greater degree. Not only when I met this group did I see a potential with their genuine talent but they were also a genuine group of lads, not playing up to the media aspect but just taking their music and performing it with style and confidence.

Finishing with Beautiful Delirium the night was put to a close that made you know you had just seen a group who could potentially be the top album on your Christmas wish list. Various Cruelties are part of a genre that has come and gone, but needs to be revived to give us back that classic sound we have been deprived of for some time.


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