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Debate On Nudists – Does My Bum Look Big In This?

February 9, 2012
Whilst procrastinating during revision, I stumbled across a Channel 4 documentary illustrating how younger people are joining the nudist movement.
They conducted a naked bike ride through London to raise awareness for CO2 emissions and global warming. The only relevance the nudity seemed to share with global warming is a shock factor; there was no other real need to expose their bodies.
A girl of just 18 is one of the young members that has decided to join the clan along with her bits and pieces on show, but as she is talking about how free she feels when she is naked, she is also applying a daily dose of make up. Why is it she will happily expose her body but not her face?
People are obsessed with beauty and the ideal figure, which is one of the main reasons to people hiding their natural figures under baggy t-shirts. Each body is beautiful, no matter what size, curve or length, but this doesn’t mean we should expose ourselves….’willy nilly’.
When watching the naked bike ride, people were wearing boxers or pants, this is no different from strolling along the beach or relaxing by a pool, so aren’t we all nudists? It isn’t the concept of full-blown bodies on show; it is the specific parts of your body that follow a taboo. If a man wore pants and no shirt, we don’t take a second look, but if he were in a t-shirt and no underwear; eyebrows would be raised.
When you are in a relationship, you will reach a point where you bare all to your partner, and there is a beauty behind this. If the whole world were naked, that intimacy would be lost. We need that sense of privacy; the fact you feel so comfortable with your other half to bare all is a sign of deeper feelings for a lot of people and is a true privilege.
Clothes express who we are, and if you choose the idea of no clothes, that will express who you are, also. But I think it is unfair to judge what people choose. Whether the nudists judge the clothed or visa versa. Our body is the one thing we see developing throughout our entire lives. It is ours to take care of or to learn new skills through. How it looks is irrelevant, but I personally don’t think the nation needs to undress themselves anytime soon.

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